Winter Cove Foundation, started by Lewis Levin, is a private foundation and registered 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization. The foundation focuses on organizations and projects that strive to improve tolerance in the face of inter-group tension.

The mission of Winter Cove foundation is to:  

  • Support programs and research that improve conditions for greater tolerance among diverse religious, ethnic, socio-economic, or cultural communities;
  • Support original research in the field where intolerance conflicts are occurring to experiment with practical approaches to mitigate tensions between diverse ethnic and cultural communities;
  • Explore and clarify principles that help make it possible for multi-ethnic societies to function successfully.

Winter Cove makes donations to other charitable organizations including educational and cultural institutions and organizations consistent with mission of the foundation.  


mea culpa

I started this foundation with the belief that there were ideals, theories and principles of tolerance that could be applied in socities that experience ethnic, religious, language-based and cultural tensions that break out in civil conflict and even war. I lamented that the phrase “never again” as the key to memory of the Holocaust has really become “again and again” and we don’t face it. If the principles could be turned into practices, the practices could be introduced then the worst consequences of intolerance could be reduced.


Past and present grantees of Winter Cove Foundation include:

  • Recovery Cafe: for the support of marginalized people who may suffer addiction, abuse, or homelessness