Past and present grantees of Winter Cove Foundation include:

  • Recovery Cafe: for the support of marginalized people who may suffer addiction, abuse, or homelessness
  • College Possible: to enable lower income students from public schools to attend college at rates equal to or greater than their more affluent peers

  • Plymouth Housing: seeking to reduce homelessness by providing safe, comfortable and longterm housing for disabled people, low wage working people, and struggling veterans

  • Ashesi University: providing world class college education to Africans who stay in Africa to fill leadership positions in business, not-for-profit service organizations, and government

  • New Israel Fund: to help defend and build civic organizations that enhance democracy in Israel and defend the civil rights of disadvantaged groups in Israel

  • International Planned Parenthood Foundation: to provide pregnancy counseling, birth control, and abortion services to women struggling to manage the wellbeing of their families

  • FareStart and Food Lifeline: to provide food and jobs to people struggling with economic challenges and food insecurity